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Foreign Recruitments
In foreign recruitment, Adept Manpower is very selective over our overseas partners and recruiting of any foreign candidates. We only work with reliable partners who are trustworthy, able to provide quality candidates and providing excellent services. Our commitment to our client is to provide Total Customer Satisfaction with excellent quality and services.
Our agency keep abreast with all the latest updates in rules and regulations implemented by the Ministry of Manpower at all times. Let us keep you update and guide you with all the latest news in town.
In Adept Manpower, we are able to cater a comprehensive range of foreign candidates from Professional, Managers, Executives, Technicians and General workers (Skilled or unskilled) in any industries or trades. Our foreign candidates came mainly from countries like Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines,Thailand and etc.
Here in Adept Manpower, we are able to process any passes such as Work Permit (WP), Special Pass (SP) and Employment Pass (EP) for all our foreign candidates.
Construction Sectors
• General Workers • Brick Layers • Cabling (Telecommunication) • Plasterers
• Tilers • Bar Benders • Re-bar • Metal Form Works
• Scaffolding • Road Works • Plumbers • Welders
• Pipe Fitters • Painter • Piling • Landscaping and Gardening
Manufacturing Sectors
• Production Workers • CNC Machinists • Machine Operators • Semiconductor Technicians
• Food Processors • Plastic Mould Injectors • Electronics Operators • Mechanics
• Electricians • Welders • Petrol Chemical • Precision Engineers
• Carpenters • Tool & Die Casting • Electro-Plating • Hot Metal / Hot Dip Galvanizing
Service Sectors
• Retail Assistants • Nurse (Healthcare) • Cleaners • Hotel Chamber Maids
• Pest Controllers • Sales Promoters • Admin Clerks • Spa and Wellness (Lifestyle)
• Florists • Drivers (Logistic) • Warehousing • Printers
• Tailors • Nurseries (Landscape) • Chefs / Cooks • Waitress

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